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Core alignment healing
About Jennifer

I am passionate about transformation and personal growth.  I feel honored to assist those I work with on their personal journeys. After a challenging childhood, I felt driven and determined to understand how I got off track and how I could find my way to wholeness. I've read 100's of self-help books, listened to countless personal growth audios, worked with therapists and coaches.

When I had the chance to continue my education, I attended ISU's master's level counseling program, got my license and began a career working in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault. Feeling the need to go deeper than traditional therapy, I attended the Healing The Light Body program through the Four Winds Society. There, I learned energy healing, a deep form of internal change and healing. Later, I became fascinated with EFT tapping, an empowering type of energetic clearing, and received professional training through ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) and Gary Craig, Optimal EFT. 

I've learned that healing and transformation takes place on many levels: cognitively, emotionally, behaviorally, socially and spiritually. If you feel off track due to past trauma, life altering transition or are ready to be your best, I would enjoy working with you. Join me in gaining awareness of your best self through personal alignment. I have worked to align my own life by moving out to the country, raising chickens, alpacas, angora goats and cattle, growing fields of hay, and gardening to my hearts content with my husband and best friend, Malcolm. 

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I have grown and continue to flourish...

Almost three years ago, I had the pleasure of becoming one of Jennifer's clients. I had been to several other counselors and found my experiences to be invalidating and frustrating. Jennifer made me feel at home and safe, while empowering me and renewing my strength. Jennifer counseled me through many difficult challenges with others and with myself. She never judged me, instructed me, or left me to feel alone. On the contrary, Jennifer guided me with her wisdom, support, and compassion. Best of all, with Jennifer I have grown and continue to flourish thanks to the healing foundation she helped

build beneath me.

— Client

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