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Jennifer Cochern,


    Have you been through a major transition or past trauma and continue to feel stuck? Have you tried to solve your problems through therapy, self-help and positive thinking and not achieved the results

you'd hoped for? I too, have struggled with resolving old hurts and shifting stuck patterns...I can help! 

     If you're ready to dive in and commit to healing and deep transformation I'm ready to join you on your journey. 

     I am experienced and prepared to help you move from chaos to clarity so you can be your authentic self and live the life you imagine!

Align yourself,

align the world.


For those who are ready to heal from past trauma and difficult transitions in their lives.



Experience the Alignment Model to move you from internal chaos to clarity.  Learn techniques to help you move forward in a safe, supportive  setting.

The dragonfly, in almost every part  of the world, symbolizes change and a shift in the perspective of self-realization; the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.
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