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Life Transitions







Counseling is a process to unlock and bring into awareness unhealthy coping patterns, old beliefs that no longer serve you, and traumatic experiences pushed down or forgotten that still affect your daily life. Counseling can be a safe place with a safe person to explore all of who you are and learn to embrace your deepest self. There's so much more to you than you realize!

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT has been referred to as the place where East meets West. EFT tapping is a powerful way to clear negative emotions through the human meridian and chakra systems using accupressure points. Certain emotions can get stuck in the physical and energy body with memories of events from the past. These memories often define beliefs that you hold and then determine your current actions. Once the old emotions and connected beliefs are cleared, you can see yourself and your choices more clearly and in a much more positive and loving way. 

Energy Work

Energy Work and shamanism are based on the belief that we are deeply connected to nature, spirit and healing.  Jennifer’s practice comes from the traditions of the Laika, ancient South American shamans.  The most common technique is called illumination and works directly with the chakra system. Healing stones hold energy so that the client can safely let go. Illumination allows for a deep letting go of old stories and beliefs that no longer serve.  Illumination is a safe, relaxing process done in person or remotely and can shift personal and generational patterns that keep you stuck and blocked from being your truest self.


Counseling and energy sessions designed as premium, transformational packages to fit every budget.  Contact Jennifer to create your package!

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